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Are You Ready for A Buyer’s Market? So Cal Listings up 34% in 2018

Norma and Kyle

Are You Ready for A Buyer’s Market? So Cal Listings up 34% in 2018 The domino effect is more price reductio...

What buyers need to know about your home down payment

Norma and Kyle

Unless you have a big stash of cash, you’ll need to borrow money to buy a home. Oh, you’ll still...

How to prepare your pet for a natural disaster

Norma and Kyle

It’s hurricane season and even the most prepared among us may have let something fall through the cracks. Ty...

Home Buyers home inspections aren’t just for older homes

Norma and Kyle

Santa Monica and Los Angeles Home Inspections – Why A Home Inspection Is Important… A few years ag...

The landlord’s guide to 3 maintenance emergencies

Norma and Kyle

It’s 2 a.m. and the phone is ringing.  You know before picking it up that within ten minutes you’ll be...

Do Open Houses Work?

Norma and Kyle

“In my experience, there is no correlation between houses we hold open a lot and houses we do not hold...

Cheap and easy autumn home decorating ideas

Norma and Kyle

This year we usher in the autumn season beginning on September 22. And, as we all know, autumn typically bring...

How to stage your home’s closets to make buyers swoon

Norma and Kyle

Ah, to be a fly on the wall as potential buyers traipse through your home for sale. You could watch...

Why Do I Need To Do My Own Inspections?

Norma and Kyle

When purchasing a home or selling a home, both buyers and sellers should do their own inspections. On the sell...


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