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Prepare now to sell your home this spring

Norma and Kyle - Hablamos Español

In all of our years in the real estate industry, here’s a truth we’ve learned: it’s the proactive homeow...

First time buyer? 3 things you need to buy a home

Norma and Kyle - Hablamos Español

Most homeowners can clearly recall that moment it became clear that they could, and would, buy a home. Ditchin...

Easy ways to add more color to your home

Norma and Kyle - Hablamos Español

Home improvement projects are missing from the list of Americans’ top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2019. ...

Be a smart homebuyer: Attend open houses

Norma and Kyle - Hablamos Español

The National Association of Realtors tells us that 44 percent of homebuyers visit open houses. While most don...

Your 2019 home, according to Pinterest

Norma and Kyle - Hablamos Español

As huge fans of Pinterest, we’re always eager to read the year-end wrap-up and predictions of what will be t...

How to buy a house: 5 tips to get the best deal

Norma and Kyle - Hablamos Español

So, you’ve heard that home prices are falling, the inventory of available homes is beginning to grow and...

3 of the Best Home Organization Blogs

Norma and Kyle - Hablamos Español

If you’ve just purchased a home, putting all your “stuff” away is something you’re most likely not loo...

Be proactive: head off problems in the home sale before they happen

Norma and Kyle - Hablamos Español

Too many home sellers feel that their listing agent is responsible for everything that comes after signing the...

Decorating on a budget with sofa slipcovers

Norma and Kyle - Hablamos Español

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new sofa whenever you wanted? Good news: when the seasons change and the.....


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