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Norma and Kyle
Norma and Kyle
Published on October 24, 2018

October 29, 2018 – Wow Another Week Gone – Here’s What’s Happening With Southern California Real Estate This Week.  

This week in celeb real estate: – This week in celebrity real estate one was one of couples and reimagined properties — and prices. A rapper and his billionaire girlfriend picked up a pad in 90210…

In L.A.’s luxury market, supply is outstripping demand: report
Prices softened across high-end markets in most neighborhoods – – 

October 22, 2018 – What’s Happening With Southern California Real Estate This Week? Here Are The Real Estate Home Related Articles For October 2018

This week in celeb real estate: – There was an onslaught of new listings this week, ranging from $4 million all the up…to $125 million. A Hollywood scion, who is grandson to late-great powerhouse agent Lew Wasserman, had the nine-figure listing in Beverly Hills.

Home prices have finally hit a wall on the West Coast – Home sellers have had it easy over the last few years. Housing demand has risen along with the improving economy, and home builders have struggled to build at a pace that keeps up with that demand. The result was a shortage of housing inventory that allowed sellers to sit back and let buyers bid up the price of their home.

Rising interest rates cost homeowners an extra $1,416 per year – The Federal Reserve has raised short-term interest rates three times this year, causing mortgage rates to climb to over 5 percent currently, some of the highest levels seen in nearly a decade. As a result, the cost of borrowing has risen — putting an even greater strain on buyers who are already dealing with record-high home prices.

Where Buyers Stand to Save the Most in Mortgage Costs – Interest rates are on the rise, and home buyers are looking for savings wherever they can. Shopping around for a mortgage can offer big differences among lenders, and those differences could amount to some potentially hefty savings over the life of a loan.

10 years later: How the housing market has changed since the crash – – Now that a decade has passed, industry insiders look back at where we were, what we learned and where we go from here to ensure that the trauma of the housing boom-and-bust and the Great Recession are not repeated. Today’s home buyers are in a different world…

Strong growth is forecast for Inland Empire – – 

It was among the nation’s hardest-hit local economies during the Great Recession, beset by staggering numbers of foreclosures and one of the highest jobless rates in California.

But the Inland Empire is now the fastest-growing region in Southern California — a trend predicted to continue over the next five years, according to an economic forecast released Thursday.

October 15, 2018: What’s Going On With Southern California Real Estate This Week?

This week in celeb real estate: – Entrepreneurs and executives poured tens of millions of dollars into the high-end real estate market in Los Angeles this week, purchasing homes in both the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills — not to mention one eye-raising home rental in the Valley by a YouTube legend.

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In LA, share of homes with price reductions hits a seven-year — – Home prices in Los Angeles County have never been higher, but there are signs the local real estate market may be getting slightly more buyer-friendly, according to a new report from Trulia.

Historic Beverly Hills home once owned by Hearst lists for $135 million – The Beverly Hills, California, mansion once owned by William Randolph Hearst and served as a honeymoon spot for John F. Kennedy is back on the market for $135 million.

Luxury Home Sales Break Price Records – – Times are good for those at the top: Twenty major U.S. counties saw double-digit price gains in June—many breaking records—according to the® Luxury Home Index. And while one turbocharged market continued to dominate the top 20, its runner-up was quite a surprise,,,

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