SoCal Home Prices – What Goes Up Must Come Down!!!

Norma and Kyle
Norma and Kyle
Published on December 13, 2018
SoCal Price Reductions Increase – Demands Wanes

You’ve seen the news, you’ve read the articles, Southern California Home Prices drop a whopping 18% in September, with some areas falling by as much as 22%, the greatest drop since the great recession.

The MLS listings are starting to read, NOW IT’S PRICED TO SELL! 
Motivated Seller Just reduced!!!!! Huge Reduction and Won’t last at this price! Motivated Seller has made a recent price reduction to make this house priced to sell… and the list goes on.

The shift may be a sign of softening as buyers have less buying power. The rise in interest rates add several hundred dollars extra on a mortgage payment, tightening the squeeze on many first time home buyers.

Another factor is that there are more listings on the market, more inventory and less demand will create a slight shift in the market.

Overall sales were up due to the price reductions coming into play and sellers possibly becoming more negotiable in terms of price and credits

Although a bit too early to tell where the market is headed come Spring, one thing for sure is that price reductions are going to be a part of the new normal. It’s our opinion that this market shift will look more like the 1994-1996 market vs the 2008 housing crisis.

As of Tuesday, December 13, 2018, Burbank has 84 SFR on the market with 25 of these homes having price reductions and the avg days on market for these properties that have been reduced is 77 days with an average list price of $968,270.

Other areas are as follows:
Santa Monica – 63 SFR on market with 24 price reductions and 109 days on market average for the properties reduced.
Redlands – 148 Active SFR with 68 price reductions and 129 days on average market time for the properties reduced.
San Bernardino – 432 SFR on market with 156 price reductions.

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If you’ve been thinking of selling or buying, now is the time. Please reach out to us and put 32+ years of experience to work for you. We went through the 94-96 market, we went through the 2008-2012 market and we’ll be here for you through the next market shift.  Pricing and marketing are going to be key factors in selling real estate in the market to come.

It’s still a great time to sell and a great time to buy. Interest rates are still historically low and home prices will have some adjustments but we’ll get through it. Remember real estate is cyclical, you just need to adapt to the coming changes. Let us guide you home.

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