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My wife and I STRONGLY recommend
Thank you both for your patience during this ordeal. Two years of searching, outbid on five houses and lost a sixth due to an inside deal. There were many times when we were about ready to give up, wait for our daughter to finish high school and look outside of Burbank, but you never gave up on us. Not only did we find a great house but it's smack in the middle of the area we had hoped to be in. ******Josh and Jackie Katz ******* Full Review: It's hard to know where to start singing Norma's praises. We started working with her to buy a house in 2016 after things didn't work out with another realtor. Over the course of the next TWO YEARS we must have been inside half the houses on the Burbank hillside, which is a very small and unbelievably competitive market. When a house goes on sale it's like a shark frenzy. We were outbid five times and lost a sixth house to an inside deal with the seller's realtor. Our search was frustrating and at times we felt ready to give up. A lot of realtors might have dropped us but Norma was always there, patient, optimistic and ready for the next attempt. We finally scored last month and are now in our new home. Throughout our search Norma was honest and attentive to our wants and needs. If she thought a house was overpriced, a potential money pit or just not right for us, she said so. She pointed out little details (both good and bad) about houses that we would never have noticed or thought of on our own. She never made us feel like she was after the commission or trying to push us into a deal just to be done with us. Her knowledge of the area, the other local realtors and all the little ins and outs of the market here is remarkable. My wife and I STRONGLY recommend her and now consider her a friend.
I highly recommend Blu Dot Realty Group!
Norma is the BEST Realtor I have ever worked with, both in my work as an attorney (30 years) and my personal life. While buying a Condo, she provided prompt professional service and great advice based on her many years of experience. They showed us several properties and did not rush us to make a decision. Then, she made the escrow process feel painless because she took care of what she was supposed to take care of and even more. She kept on top of all deadlines. She was there to meet inspectors and contractors. She made sure extensions were requested timely when needed, and all deadlines were met. She went over and above what most realtors do for their clients. Even after escrow closed, she made herself available for questions. I highly recommend BLU DOT Realty Group! - Theresa Fritz
Happy Out Of State Owners!
Being from out of state we had to look for a realtor to sell a condo in Burbank, we selected Norma and Kyle based on the fact that they were located in the area were the condo was. We realized instantly that they were totally looking out for our best interest, something we had not encountered in previous dealings with other realtors. Norma and Kyle are very knowledgeable in the Burbank market. They are great in keeping you updated throughout the selling process and are never too busy to take the time to talk and address any questions or concerns we had. We received many offers, they simplified the process by breaking down each offer and comparing the pros and cons. We can recommend Norma and Kyle without reservation. ~ Ella & August C
Great Work and No Drama!
Norma and Kyle are great marketers and really on it when it comes to all the aspects of selling my home. I never felt out of touch even though I was in another state at the time of the sale. If you want your home to sell quick and you want a strong advocate representing you in selling or buying, hire them. Great work and no drama. Thank you! ~ Rob C
Excellent Team
Norma was great to work with, very professional and knowledgeable in regards to pricing. She and Kyle helped me with 2 properties and a 1031 exchange and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend their services ~Jerry Orlandini
Capable, Competent and Responsive!
I have been an SIOR, CCIM real estate broker specializing in industrial and investment real estate for over 30 years, and I can safely say that Norma is the most capable, competent, responsive and effective real estate broker or agent with whom I have ever dealt. She represented us in acquiring and now selling our Burbank, CA Condo and I can only say that she is the best. You cannot do better than using her services. ~ Hank D
They Do What They Say!
They informed us up front what to expect and then took care of everything, from cleanup, minor repairs, manufacturer warranty repairs and staging, and kept us informed each step along the way. ~ Arnie S
Encouraging and Empathic To My Situation
Norma understood my situation and requirements behind selling the apartment. She always took, and also suggested, considering them, which made it easy for me to work with her. E.g., She encouraged me to deal with clients that were serious to buy the apartment, so that the sale would be faster (which was one of my key requirements). ~ Raju C
Truly An Exceptional Agent
My wife and I retained Norma as our real estate agent to assist us with the purchase of our condo. We successfully closed escrow on our purchase in March of 2017, thanks in large part to Norma. We can't imagine a more knowledgeable realtor when it comes to downtown Burbank area - literally sales history, surrounding businesses, future development prospects, etc. - everything that has to do with fair valuations for property, as well as what adds or detracts to property values and usefulness and people who can help a buyer or seller reach their goals when a sale involves more than simply agreeing on a price. But above all, when Norma gives her word about something, her word is completely trustworthy. She will go the extra mile to make sure that things work for her clients, and she is able to do that regardless of whether she represents the seller or the buyer or both, and works very well with others. She is truly an exceptional real estate agent. ~ Bill and Theresa F
A 10 of !0!
My experience with Norma and Jason was a 10 of 10! The expertise they bring to the table was invaluable to me being that I am busy person and had very little time to help in the process myself. They guided me every step of the way answering any questions I had with a complete picture of what to expect. They took the reigns and completely put me at ease. My house sold faster than I had ever expected. Norma and team definitely are not your typical real estate agents. Personal attention, guidance and most of all...honest! Sign me up! Thanks again Norma and Jason!!! ~ Randy and Alpa
The Best Of The Best
Norma has helped us both purchase and sell our property. She is very professional but also personable and friendly. She was extremely responsive at all times whether it be by phone or e-mail. ~ Teresa and Steven
Burbank Village Walk Experts!
If you have to deal with real estate transaction in Burbank, Norma is the person you need to meet before you make a final selection. I feel fortunate to meet her via open house when my neighbor was selling their home, Norma knew exactly what and how to sell the property with her knowledge in Burbank and the community (Burbank Village Walk Condo especially where my property). Norma was able to list my condo in few days, we got an offer in one day and the home was sold to the highest market price. It took 21 days from the listing to escrow closing, I guess that tells you how good and fast she is. Norma is transparent, honest, fast, picks up your call anytime. Thank you, Norma!!! ~ Jason L
The Top Dollar Agents
Norma helped my parents find their condo in Burbank. Through that experience we saw how knowledgeable and easy to work with she was and decided to use her when we sold our condo. Her understanding of the market and area allowed us to get top dollar for our condo. She also gave us wonderful referrals for a inspector and contractor. I recommend Norma and her team highly. ~ Stacey H
Old Fashion Guidance
Norma has been managing my real estate transactions for over 20-years. Together, she and Kyle provided unquestionable quality and customer service. This old-fashioned guidance was essential in the process of selling and purchasing my residential properties. The Norma & Kyle Team brought to the table customer empathy, product knowledge, critical skills, hands on experience and a new vision for doing business. It enabled me to go about my normal business days without unnecessary interruptions, or false expectations. They carefully planned and proactively targeted my weekly house searching activities. In today's fast paced environment, it is difficult to find professional real estate service providers that can provide you step-by-step guidance like Norma and Kyle did. ~ George R
Phenomenal team of real estate superstars!
Norma and Kyle are a phenomenal team of real estate superstars. They made the headache of selling and buying super easy for us every step of the way. They helped us with selling our house and finding a new one.Always on time and always there when you need them. Calls and texts right back.If you are looking for good, honest, straight to the point realtors. We highly recommend Norma and Kyle. ~ Brett and Tiffanie
If I could give 100 stars I would!
If I could give 100 stars I would! Norma and Kyle were more than you could ask for - true gems. My husband and I recently bought our first investment property with their help. They kept us focused and grounded every step of the way. Norma is an experienced agent, offers straightforward advice, doesn't play games, answers all questions clearly and quickly, and most importantly is honest. ~ Andrea Y

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